To be fair, my speaking skills probably haven’t improved that much, but I no longer feel nervous while on the stage, like I used to feel earlier, thanks to the session that I took on the recent ILUGD meetup. Also that meetup marks my 2 year at ILUGD. That is 2 years of me doing crazy stuff which didn’t make any sense.

Aside from that, I finally could put some work on the Magnetic Lasso, fixing the snapping problem in the middle of the test barrage from my college.

Also, finally caught up with my friends, had some great food and talked about our recent Europe trips. That Belgian chocolate ice cream was really nice. Oh, I have got a KDE hoodie for myself too.

I have been dabbling in QML recently, it seemed not that bad, but for someone coming from background of creating GUIs with widgets, a declarative language shouldn’t make any sense. You can’t always break an application into the MVC model and it feels QML forces me to do it more than anything. Unless I am writing CRUD applications, I cant make any sense out of the MVC style.

Writing tests for asynchronous code is hard, cause I am still not able to figure out how to test my file watcher which I wrote for the dexer project. I really want to merge the branch, as it would definitely kill some hard dependencies and a lot of extra code, which comes as a baggage with the program. But for now, the file watcher doesn’t work as expected and since I am not able to write a test for it, I am having a hard time debugging that stuff.

A lot has been happening recently in free software. Yes, I am talking about RMS resigning from FSF and MIT due to some controversial email, that he sent to the mailing list of MIT CSAIL. And to be fair it was on the cards, and his retirement was due. Debian too is having its own problems, recently a friend of mine shared this pdf of a mail from the debian-project mailing list. It is disheartening when people take free software more as a money minting machine and not as a political movement. Got to know about about someone taking credit of a free software project from one of the free software communities that I participate in, just for scoring some free trips. That is a lot of “free”-s in a statement which are not exactly free.

Lets hope the situation will get better over time, :wq for now, until next post.