Would start this one with a quote,

Information is free - You have to know

People are not - You have to pay

Contributors are priceless - You have to be

It feels pretty bad when people take open source as something they are entitled to and not something to be grateful of and same goes for the communities built around open source. And me too was one of them a couple of years ago, I do regret being of that kind, cause no one is perfect and even guys handling the GIMP twitter account agree with that.

After working with open source for around a couple of years, meeting so many awesome people over the time which include core developers/contributors of different open source programs, frameworks, libraries, and me becoming one, I now know what I was built for and can assess where in the world I fall, in the bottom of the pile, the last time I tried to assess.

Being a guy with a below average IQ, who can't even solve basic interview questions, the only skill which I can boast off is regular ranting and being hardheaded, which surprisingly worked pretty well with open source. That regular ranting thing does help in being hardheaded and technically I am doing the same thing right now. 😆 From choosing not to be an engineer to a full time Linux user, I do give the credit to my hardheadedness though I have suffered multiple times for it too. I took, * counting on my fingers : 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th *, 5 years to understand what are classes in C++, still search for how write if-else/for loops in Python, you can estimate how dumb I am and even then hellozee is more popular than Kuntal in most of the places, open source helped me to make a name for myself or at least gave me a chance to do it.

And if everything goes well, in the coming months I would get my passport stamped for the first time, credit goes to open source for giving me the opportunities without questioning my abilities and trusting me, you have earned another devotee for yourself. 😸

I bet this post wouldn't have made any sense, but well, this was to get something of my mind and now I can work in peace, :wq for now.