We had a release last week and boy, I would just skip talking about bugs for this one. But we currently have 429 open bugs, 14 more from what I reported last week.

[ Thanks to the flu season, we had to skip the meeting so no bug graph as well ]

I will just run through what are the folks did over the week. Dmitry is working on fixing the rendering of vector shapes. I gave it a try last day, though there are a few snitches here and there, but overall it was much faster than the current one. He also worked with a new contributor Fredrik and fixed the transform tool crash bug.

Kai Uwe Broulik fixed almost year old regression which made the layer filter menu too narrow with the breeze theme. Tiar fixed a couple of bugs related to onion skins and selections along with her work on the implement tagging of resources in the new system. Also Wolthera can be seen working on the UI and resource models for the same. Ivan has finished his patch to accurately draw 1px lines. Amidst exams even I patched one of the bugs related to text tool, although I was the one who introduced that in the first place.

Last but not the least, Boud has been busy with the release and of course his flu. Though he also managed to patch a bunch of bugs related to font comboboxes.

:wq for now, see you next week, 😊.