Note: This article is purposefully written in order to offend people, the author just wanted to clear his mind. And as you can see the category says self satisfaction.

Honestly, when you are being a nerd, a section of people will judge you as a twerp and the other one will just be the opposite. If you find someone who is neither of the two, possibly they don't know you or chances are, you are not a nerd.

The first section comprises of people who think they should be respected because, in a way, they are elder or bigger than you, be it the age gap or physique. To make it more clear, let me give a couple of examples, a guy graduated from one of the IITs or a guy who has a better physique and by the class, he is one year elder to me. But they forget that nerds only pay respect to someone if he/she is smart enough to get that. In short, if you didn't get the last couple of lines, sorry you are one of them, an idiot.

If you are still not offended and reading the post, here are some exquisite accounts of me with those idiots, obviously if you are smart enough and know me, you could easily deduce the identities but for the sake of the so-called society, let me be somewhat social.

Reservation, Good or Bad?

A Badass (so-called) Guru

It is tough when we have to wear mask of one of those idiots just to avoid being bullied cause you are a nerd. And by the way, know a fact? Day by day they are just increasing in number, be afraid of them, cause someday they might rule you.

Protip: It is very easy to identify them, here are some of their characteristics, they have a nice physique, probably go to gym, have a cheat girlfriend about whom they always brag about, they don't have any proper sense of humour, you can just kill them metaphors and still they won't feel the pain just like I did with this post.