Note: Not a Game of Thrones fan, yet to watch even a single episode, but I wanted a catchy title

This will be a story, so get prepared to be bored, 😸.

tl;dr : I am going spend my summer doing interesting stuff

All of this began here, probably this was the first day I was giving Krita a try cause this was the closest I got to Photoshop after switching to Linux. It has been something on and off from that day, sometimes I used Krita, sometimes I mixed it up with GIMP and Inkscape too for satisfying my needs to replace the “Photoshop through Wine”.

Until 2017 I was just a Krita user, but after installing Gentoo and getting comfortable with compiling programs on my own, I decided to contribute to Krita, cause it feels awesome when your work is being used by millions of people, right?

So I headed over to their IRC channel, introduced me and told them my intentions, luckily, Scott was there to help me with the things I would love to work on and in a couple of days, I made my first patch to the new Text Tool. Cool, sounds perfect, except it wasn’t cause, that branch which I committed into will probably never get merged into master, why? why? (read them quickly one after another) For the reason that, I immediately left working on that part (even though I promised that I would work) after the first commit, god knows what I was thinking, such an idiot I was.

Where did I go after that? I started writing my own image manipulation tool, which well, errm, I would say, is for the moment ” paused “, someday in future, I will resume working on it, if I get some free time, of course, till then conside me that I am looking for the button to ” unpause “ it, 😆.

August 2018, I started to digging into Krita’s code, to look how they do it and guess what, I am back to where I started. Accidentally came across a bug report, a wish bug, which looked simple enough, so I was like, why not give it a try. Fair enough, it took me around 3 months to close the bug after several commits and some serious headache in between. And by the time I was done with it, Boud bribed me to not disappear again with an invitation to the Sprints and a spicy seasoning of developer access to the repository.

When everything is going right, what do you do? You try to make the most out of it right? Initially I wanted to work on the Text Tool again for this year’s GSoC but well, after a half an hour of chat with Boud, I realized that was not my cup of tea and see what I ended up with, going to do my own feature request which I made 4 years back, that, you can count as one of the many positives of open source software.

To know more about what I am going to do, you can take a look here. I know I am not a great story teller but well :wq for now.