So one of the toughest Krita releases is up today. Tough not in the sense there were a lot of regressions to solve but the mountain of build issues faced by the team. The credit of course goes to the new Python release and just like every other hurdle we face, Apple.

The beta was released a couple of weeks ago and as artists reported it was rock solid. David was upset cause he was unable to crash it even after 20 hours of usage. It brings a ton of bug fixes and a bunch of new stuff, to pick some of them,

  • Improved brush outline, it no longer flickers when you hover over the canvas.
  • Added Airbrush and Airbrush Rate to the color smudge brush, and a new ratio setting, also for the color smudge brush.
  • A Split Layer into Selection Mask option in Layer Split Dialog.
  • Make Save Incremental Version update recently used files.
  • Make local selection outline visible on layer converted to selection mask.
  • Fixed Warp and Cage transform.
  • ORA export, write entire layers instead of cropping them.
  • Show the hand cursor if there is no colorize mask yet.
  • Increase the limit in Layer Offset to 100k.
  • A number of fixes with LAB and CMYK thanks to amyspark‚Äôs Season of KDE work.

For a longer list about the fixes don’t forget to take a look at the official release post.

Oh, btw with 4.2.9 we should also have android version of Krita available in F-Droid in a few days, till then you can try this builds. If you have an Android device or Chromebook, don’t forget to give it a test. Of course the UI needs some work and there would be some bugs, do report them, in Krita Artists.

Emmet and Eoin have started to finalizing their plans for the Krita Animation subsystem. If you want to help them, don’t forget to drop some comments on the following phabricator task.

On the other news confifu has been working on the idea of a storyboard docker as a GSoC project. If you would like to see one in Krita in the near future, don’t forget to help him. Here is the corresponding task.

And Krita on steam is on sale, if you can don’t forget to support the deveopment team behind it. Also, unfortunately bearing to circumstances we won’t have any sprint this year.

That should be all for today, :wq for now, see you later, wash your hands, stay inside and be safe.