My exams are over and hopefully I would back in for doing weeklies again, unless there is an Internet Shutdown in my area. Anyway, looking at the bug count we have 440 bugs open, 11 more bugs than what I reported in the last weekly (which was 12 days back).

Note: The graph is not updated

That’s reasonable, given that Boud has taken the vacation which was long due and Dmitry is busy shifting apartments as a new member is going to join their family soon. Meanwhile Wolthera also got tangled in bureaucracy or as she told me, “a lot of real life administrativia”.

Still, the number of bugs hasn’t gone too far in 12 days. Thanks to Tiar, Ivan and Wolthera for all their efforts.

By the way, Google has announced another edition of Google Summer of Code a couple of weeks ago. In last few years we have a nice set of features done with the help of our Summer of Code students. If you are a student and want to add something nice to Krita, do join our IRC channel and have a chat, we would surely find something nice for you.