So my mid semester break begins next week, finally I can take sometime off my academics and get some shit done.

To start off the weekend, I started working on the Magnetic Lasso again, it is almost complete, there are still some UX issues remaining, but I don’t think it won’t take much time, considering that most of the work is done. Well, unless something tragic comes up like last time. For more details, you can take a look at this Merge Request.

Following up is Ada Lovelace Day, this was first time we were celebrating it in our local meetup group. Though 8th October is Ada Lovelace Day, it was on a weekday, so we just preponed the event a couple days earlier. To be honest, I didn’t expect that many people in the event, cause it is festive season here, even I was not supposed to come. This event also marks, the reboot of PyLadies Delhi, hope they continue to grow, they have a bunch of volunteers now, yay. Though the best part of it was the post meetup party, ahh not exactly a party, but we always go for dining someplace around almost after every meetup. That way you get to know more about the people who work for the community and learn how to use chop sticks from Raju.

And finally, next weekend there is PyCon India, the 2019 edition. Pretty excited to meet a bunch of old friends and of course the new ones too. If you are coming to PyCon India, don’t forget to say hi to me, I can be found around the registration desk, most likely. I promise I would look more saner this year, 😉.

:wq for now, until next time.