“How to crack GSoC” seems like a nice follow up of Kushal's How to crack Open Source. He sums it up in the best way possible,

  • Take a hammer.
  • Open GitHub in your laptop.
  • Hammer the laptop.
  • Voila! you have cracked open source.

But who am I to write a blog on it? Did I crack GSoC? Probably yes, probably no, cause yes I did participate this year, but I don't think my experience can be related to most of the Indian students. Some of them which were honestly ridiculous,

  • Phone Interviews, wait what? 😮
  • A commit, a day keeps you from failing, an interesting thing to force onto students.

To be honest we should expect that from most Indian centric organizations, this is what you get if you make GSoC, a part of your curriculum and then students have to crack it. Coming to cracking GSoC, it is simple as cracking Open Source.

*This is important cause some of you may have ThinkPads too.